Repair Your Home's Fading Façade

Repair Your Home's Fading Façade

Set up a siding installation in Naugatuck, CT

The most noticeable thing about your home is its siding. If yours is old, damaged or just plain ugly, it's time to replace it. Rodrick Roofing and Siding handles siding installation projects in Naugatuck, Connecticut and the nearby area. You can choose from a wide range of materials, styles and color options.

Most siding installation projects take between three days to one week to complete. Get started on yours today by calling 475-202-3212.

3 dangers of damaged siding

Broken siding is much more than a cosmetic issue. If you don't schedule siding replacement services, you can expect...

1.Long-term water damage
2.A drop in property value
3.Unhappy neighbors or HOA fines

Arranging for professional siding replacement services in the Naugatuck, CT area can save you a fortune in repairs, lost resale value and fines. Talk to the pros at Rodrick Roofing and Siding about replacing your home's damaged siding today.