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Keep Your Family Safe Under a New Roof

Ask about our roof installation services in Thomaston, Bridgeport, Shelton & Naugatuck, CT

Getting a new roof is a blessing, but the wrong roofer can make it feel like a curse. Rodrick Roofing and Siding, LLC offers commercial and residential roof installation services in Thomaston, Bridgeport, Shelton & Naugatuck, CT and the surrounding area. No matter what roofing material you want, we've got it.

Not sure what type of roof will serve you best? Our team of experienced roofing contractors can help you make an informed decision. Protect your home by scheduling roof installation services today.

Don't risk your life for roof repairs

Roofing isn't a weekend DIY project. It's dangerous work best left to trained professionals using proper equipment. If you need roof repair services, trust the pros at Rodrick Roofing and Siding, LLC. We're serious about...

  • Safety. Don't worry about accidents on your property. Our team is well-trained in rooftop and construction site safety.
  • Speed. Your time is as valuable to us as it is to you. That's why we strive to complete roof repairs in just one day.
  • Respect. You can rest assured our team will respect your home. When we leave, the only difference you'll see is a brand-new roof.

Call 475-202-3212 now to schedule roof repair services in the Thomaston, Bridgeport, Shelton & Naugatuck, Connecticut area. We can start most jobs within a week.